How to Rethink Your Approach to Talent

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What lessons can we learn from project management?

We live in a world being transformed by powerful business trends – and the growth of the project-oriented economy is a trend expected to continue. It’s forecast that project-oriented economic activity could grow to 20.2 trillion dollars by 2027, yet organizations rarely properly acknowledge this shift in their business.

Strategy Execution’s CEO Christoffer Ellehuus was recently featured in Duke Corporate Education’s Dialogue, discussing why businesses need to rethink their approach to talent and recognize the changing skills needed to succeed as digitalization drives the shifting nature of our work.

Ellehuus uses Strategy Execution’s Competency Framework to answer the following question: How do we get work done most effectively?

Strategy Execution's Competency Framework

These four components of the framework provide an outline on how and where to begin:

  • Strategy
  • Work
  • People
  • Self

Ellehuus dives deeper into each of these areas and explains how, when honed and cultivated, they fit together to enable us to get work done better.

He acknowledges that while the technical side of project management still holds significant value, we need to begin looking at the discipline as a combination of skills and behaviors that together can help us adapt to change while executing on critical projects.

Click here to read the full article by Ellehuus and to learn more about how organizations can address their skill sets, organizational design, and talent experience to get ahead in today’s project-driven economy.


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