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Managing Project-Driven Work

Project Management for Non-Project Managers is a new course designed for individuals to get work done

This blog post is written by Joe Czarnecki, Strategy Execution VP of Product Development and Sales Support.

When I was a kid, one of my uncles asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. My answer then is the same as it is now. I said, “I want to teach people common sense.”

An odd and perhaps shocking answer, but nearly 50 years later, I find myself in a position where I do just that. At Strategy Execution, we help others learn how to:

  • Find what they are really being asked to do by managers,
  • Get their arms around the whole project,
  • Break down what they need to do into small, manageable chunks,
  • Find the logical steps to get their work done,
  • Coordinate who can help them in each specific area,
  • Get work done with maximum efficiency and minimal rework, and

All while keeping their boss and/or customer informed and happy.

Projects are the mechanism by which work gets done. We are excited to announce a new course – Project Management for Non-Project Managers – that is designed to help individuals do just that: get work done.

Project management for any kind of project

Implementing new services, launching a marketing campaign, releasing new products, or rolling out a new training program can be thought of as project-driven work. First, all of these initiatives and assignments actually qualify as projects because, by definition, they have a start and finish dates and do something unique. That’s all it takes to be a project!

We call this process project management.

Many have tried to impose the rigor of the typical project management process on this type of quick turnaround work – with little success. These smaller, quick turnaround initiatives, campaigns, and assignments are quickly overwhelmed when the techniques from a large, multi-year project are applied.

As a course developer myself, project management can quickly become a burden. By the time I write out the requirements, build my schedule, and document all I need to about risks and changes – the deadline for delivering the course has come and gone.

Second, common sense tells us that the essence of project management isn’t about adherence to processes and completing forms and templates. It is about:

  • Ensuring that everything you need to consider is considered,
  • Answering questions, and
  • Making the goal as clear as possible before you start, then keeping the work on track until it is done.

From all this, Strategy Execution took the most essential parts of the project management process and created a course for you to lead small, quick-response projects. We call it Project Management for Non-Project Managers .

Project Management for Non-Project Managers is a one-day, workshop-style course that presents you with a series of questions that ensure that you pause to think about and consider what you are doing, why, who it’s for – and matches these responses with simple techniques to plan and manage your projects. The goal is to incorporate project management techniques to help you get the project up and running and done for the right reasons, logically and with minimum rework.

You will be given the opportunity to share your own real-world projects, listen to teammates’ projects, and then select one for your team to work through the logical, step-by-step framework and put it into practice quickly. It is an opportunity to benefit from the world of project management without getting bogged down in additional work.

Project Management for Non-Project Managers is a must for anyone working on projects – whether you work in an “agile” environment or not – who wants to get control of their work.

Learn more about the course and sign up today!


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