Better Together: Addressing All Talent Challenges Related to Digital Workforce Transformation

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Better Together: Addressing All Talent Challenges Related to Digital Workforce Transformation

A message from Strategy Execution CEO Christoffer Ellehuus:

I am excited to announce that Strategy Execution will join forces with Korn Ferry to strengthen our learning and development capabilities and provide end-to-end talent solutions for organizations to overcome their workforce challenges.

The digital revolution is transforming the future of work, and businesses are forced to prepare and respond accordingly by addressing their skill sets, organizational design, and talent experience.

For more than 30 years, Strategy Execution has helped build the professional project management skills needed as the project-based workforce continues to grow across the global economy. Through our Adaptive Strategic Execution Program in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, we are also developing critical leadership skills as organizations seek out adaptive skill sets to thrive in a more dynamic and volatile work environment.

Together with Korn Ferry, we will now be able to address not only development gaps but all talent challenges related to digital workforce transformations:

  • What skills and roles do I need in the future?
  • How do we find and recruit for these new skills?
  • What skills and leadership gaps do we have in our workforce?
  • How do we retain and motivate our critical talent?
  • How do we build the technical and soft skills needed to perform?

The unique combination of Korn Ferry’s expertise in talent acquisition and skills assessment combined with Strategy Execution’s training and professional development offerings make this strategic acquisition a win-win for all our existing and future clients.

We are very enthusiastic about what the future will bring from this acquisition in terms of both immediate and future synergistic solutions and compelling strategic insights for our customers.

Finally, I want to thank you for your partnership and, putting your trust in us over the last 30+ years. Our commitment to excellence is stronger than ever during this exciting time. Stay tuned to see where innovation takes us from here.

For more information, read Korn Ferry’s press release.

Christoffer Ellehuus

Christoffer Ellehuus

Chief Executive Officer at Strategy Execution
Christoffer Ellehuus joined Strategy Execution in June 2018 and oversees the strategic direction and operations of the global enterprise.
Christoffer Ellehuus

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