The Rise of Project Management Roles in Developing Countries

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Jobs requiring project management skills in developing nations are growing—and expected to continue to grow. With that comes greater demand for ways to develop these skills. To gain some perspective on these changes, let’s take a look at some important aspects of the rise in the demand for project leaders.

1) Standard of Living Affected

Gross domestic product (GDP) is affected by productivity generated through project management jobs. If there isn’t capacity to fulfill the job demand, GDP is at risk. For a country like China, which will make up a significant portion of the demand for these positions, $121 billion is at risk if the talent shortage is too great.

2) Jobs Available through Attrition

A significant portion of project management job openings are created through attrition. As people with skills needed in these roles retire, positions become available. But not only are openings created through workers retiring—demand is growing. The intersection of those two factors means that developing project management skills is all the more imperative.

3) Other Industries Using Project Management

The demand is growing because the field of project management is diversifying. Industries that previously weren’t using project management methods are now incorporating project management skills and roles into their businesses. The introduction of new industries to this market may continue to increase demand for project leaders beyond what has already occurred if the new methods reap rewards.

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