The Rise of Curated Learning

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An Intentional Approach to Learning

Most of us are inundated daily with a deluge of content, but only some of it may actually be useful to us. Have you ever been in a situation where you received multiple emails or newsletters, parse through each one, and find maybe one or two tidbits that actually meet your needs?

There’s no doubt that there is more content available today to anyone looking for it – but that isn’t necessarily a good thing. The challenge of keeping up with changing technology and acquiring new skills isn’t made any easier if your only way to learn is to sift through endless content looking for what you specifically need.

Curated learning can help in these situations.

Curated learning involves vendors or platforms putting together more tailored content to meet you or your team’s training needs rather than looking for content yourself while trying to meet the other daily demands of your job.

Benefits of Curated Learning

1. Making Use of Quality Content
An interesting aspect of curated learning that may fly under the radar is that a lot of content can simply be chosen (or curated) for your teams’ needs (instead of creating everything from scratch). This can be advantageous because existing content may be tried and tested by others, meaning there is some evidence that the content has value. Newly created content may need to be vetted and tested to make sure it really is the most effective way to train someone, and that takes time, money, and resources. Curating content from an existing pool also may mean quicker turnaround time. Rather than someone needing to develop content for your team, curators can more quickly choose something of the highest quality and send it along.

2. Practically Relevant
Although many training manuals are developed with the best of intentions, it can often be the case that they aren’t the most applicable when put into practice outside the classroom. Curating specific content to learn a new skill has the added benefit that it can be tailored to teaching your team what they will encounter in real-world scenarios. Curated learning offers the opportunity for the skills that your team is learning to be implemented immediately because of the materials’ practical applications.

3. Intentional
Last but certainly not least, in contrast to some more traditional learning methods (and as we mentioned at the beginning of this post), curated learning is designed to be highly intentional. Instead of learning about an assortment of different things that may or may not pertain to you (but are part of a training manual), curated learning pulls out the pieces that will be helpful and relevant to your team’s needs so learning can be faster and more effective.
Strategy Execution understands that professionals today want learning to be relevant, specific, and applicable to their jobs. Our Hub is designed to be an all-in-one resource for learners to access training content on demand to solve a specific need or business challenge at the moment it’s needed. To learn more about our curated learning solutions, click below.

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