The Modern Learner and Project-Based Training

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The following blog post is written by Strategy Execution Chief Product Officer Treion Muller:

Over the past decade you and I have had front row seats to one of the most fascinating shows in history – the digital revolution – including the proliferation of the internet, Google, smartphones, as well as just-in-time access to on-the-job information, training, and resources.

While modern learning technologies including video, learning platforms, reinforcement apps, and digital tools have been around longer than ten years, the accumulative effect of innovation, integration, and utilization of these technologies has facilitated the digital revolution and all its complexities and challenges.

During this time, I have had the opportunity to work for two of the largest Learning and Development companies in the world, and as such participated in numerous creative initiatives in an attempt to make sense of consumer and learner behavior and find ways to successfully harness these technological innovations.

Josh Bersin, noted futurist and learning thought leader, has been doing the same. And in his 2014 “Meet the Modern Learner” Report[1], Bersin put a label to what we have all become because of these technologies. To introduce the concept of a Modern Learner, he states: “As training moves to more digital formats, it’s colliding with new realities in learners’ jobs, behaviors, and preferences. Today’s employees are overwhelmed, distracted, and impatient. Flexibility in where and how they learn is increasingly important.”

Bersin Modern Learner

In my research over the past several years I have also observed a dramatic change in consumer behavior and conditioning, and its direct correlation to learner behavior—because learners are also consumers who are influenced by all that is going on around us. In my eBook, 7 Consumer Realities That the learning Industry Can No Longer Ignore, I suggest that we “must make a concerted effort to start bringing the learner and consumer lives into alignment.” In particular, we have to open our eyes and see what consumers are asking for and then align our learning programs and initiatives to those behaviors. To facilitate this intervention I’ve identified 7 consumer behaviors that we should recognize, understand, and learn to incorporate into how we instruct the Modern Learners in our organizations. These 7 Consumer Behaviors are:

  1. I want it now
  2. I want it to the point
  3. It has to look good, and work well, or I’m dumping it
  4. I don’t want all this other stuff
  5. I want to paint the picture
  6. I want to be entertained
  7. I want the same at work

So, what does this mean for those in the project world who participate in project-based training and development?

Simply put, this group of learners are no different to any other group of learners. They have the same needs, demands, and preferences, and are modern learners as well. If anything, those who spend their days juggling all the complexities associated with project management, and the ever-changing organization, client, and cultural environments would benefit the most from a modern learner solution.

Think of the advantages for a project worker to not only have access to traditional learning modalities and opportunities, but also being able to access just-in-time microlearning resources in the moment of need? That’s why at Strategy Execution we believe in providing the “Google” for project workers, with project-specific microlearning objects around the most common jobs a project-based worker has to get done. With over 35 years of experience in this changing project space, we know what those in the project work space need, want, when they want it, and how they want it.

To learn more about our solutions and how we empower modern learners, download our new flyer on the Strategy Execution Essentials Membership or contact us.


[1] Meet the Modern Learner, Bersin by Deloitte, 2014

Treion Muller

Treion Muller

Chief Product Officer at Strategy Execution
Treion is responsible for global product development and management at Strategy Execution. He brings over 14 years of experience as a Digital Strategist, Product Manager, Development Manager, Industry Expert, Speaker, and internationally published author to the company.
Treion Muller

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