The Link Between Purpose and Success: The New Core Project Leadership Discipline

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Aligning Your Teams by Creating a Real and Human Sense of Purpose

Somewhere between strategy and execution, teams are regularly falling short of their performance capabilities. Oftentimes, the individuals working on a project team do not link the work they are doing to a larger organizational goal and they are left asking one simple question: “Why?”

In a recent article for Forbes, Michael Chavez, CEO of Duke Corporate Education, and our partner in the Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP), provides insights into why creating purpose is an absolute core focus for project leaders and their ability to build investment and motivation within their teams.

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In The Power of Purpose in Projects, Chavez draws parallels between the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) three keys to project success and the constant parallel to purpose in each.

He begins with the idea that there needs to be a connection between a project and an organization’s goals because it creates a shared motivation around purpose.

The second key is when communication is reinforced clearly and openly throughout a project’s lifespan it mitigates the chances of scope creep affecting the intended outcome.

The last key for success is utilizing teams to the highest of capabilities which can be done when buy-in is created around a common goal and team members are motivated by purpose.

Chavez also shares four principles of project purpose – provided by Thinkers50 expert Antonio Nieto-Rodriquez – that motivate teams to perform at their best:

  1. Purpose prioritizes
  2. Formulate the purpose by asking why
  3. Align the individuals
  4. Project leadership needs to be embedded in purpose

Ultimately, Chavez concludes that purpose is what takes project management skills and transforms them into project leadership. Having purpose extends work far beyond tasks; it introduces a human element, which can inspire, engage, and energize your people.

You can watch our Strategy Execution and Duke Corporate Education on-demand webinarThe Project Revolution – featuring Nieto-Rodriquez, which covers how organizations are shifting their attention to project leadership as the lever to drive strategic initiatives.

Click the link below to access the webinar and learn more about the skills and tools needed to lead effectively in today’s environment.

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