5 Keys to Effective Coaching: How Coaches Can Improve Their Quality and Impact

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5 Keys to Effective Coaching

Want to be a better project leader? Get these critical coaching tips for managers

Whether it’s an athlete, a mentee, or an employee, the best coaches have the ability to get the most out of people and their performance. For project leaders in particular, being adaptive to each coaching situation and focusing on soft skills is a great way to evaluate and improve on your coaching ability.

In an article for Dice, Tips for Tech Managers Who Want to Be a Better Coach, five coaching best practices are highlighted with insight provided by Joe Czarnecki, coaching instructor and Strategy Execution’s VP of Product and Sales Support. Czarnecki says, “Coaching isn’t telling someone what to do or giving them advice. It’s a communication process that managers use to guide and help employees come up with their own solutions.” The best coaches help their employees grow by asking the right questions and having an openness to two-way communication.

The article highlights five best practices for managers who want to become better coaches:

  1.  Focus on Coachable People
  2.  Build Relationships First
  3.  Guide, Don’t Direct
  4.  Flex Your Coaching Style
  5.  Embrace Mistakes

In addition to the above, adaptability or flexibility is another best practice for coaching because it entails a willingness to recognize and adjust overall coaching style dependent on each individual employee or business situation. When it comes to adaptability in coaching, Czarnecki explains: “You need to structure your coaching style and language so that it appeals directly to the needs and interests of your audience.” In doing so, the best solutions will emerge and the likelihood of team member buy-in will increase.

Strategy Execution provides tangible ways for project leaders to engage in the development of their coaching abilities. By focusing on improving this skill set, leaders can broaden their own mindset, while also challenging their team to think and work differently. Most importantly, better coaching can help leaders identify effective ways to set and achieve challenging goals that improve individual well-being in addition to providing overall organizational benefits.

Read the article linked below, How Leaders Can Improve Their Thinking Agility, for additional insights on the skills CEOs are looking for from their teams, and specific strategies leaders can leverage to improve.

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