Webinar Recap and Recording: The Project Revolution

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StrategyEx Webinar Recap

Get Insights on the Evolution of Project Management via our Adaptive Leadership Webinar Series

How is the project landscape changing and what does it mean for you as a leader? Our recent #StratExLive webinar addressed these questions in a conversation between Antonio Nieto-Rodriquez, Thinkers50 expert and co-founder of the global movement Brightline, and Mike Canning, Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE)’s Global Managing Director for New Businesses. To start, Nieto-Rodriquez explores the business shift over recent years from a day-to-day operations focus to a growing emphasis on project-based work. The project revolution is the idea that projects are becoming the essential model for delivering value as the factors influencing organizations change.

After determining why and how project work is changing, Nieto-Rodriquez goes on to explain that we need strong technical project management skills in tandem with a new type of leadership that has taken shape as a result of complexity. Adaptive leaders recognize how complexity influences projects and decide the best approach to successfully lead and manage work for the specific situation.

Drawing on his experience with Duke CE and Strategy Execution’s Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP), Canning then shares that project leaders with adaptive skills are better equipped to handle uncertainty and unfamiliarity because of the willingness to approach projects with a mindset dependent on the particular project. He also explains that everyone at any level of an organization can benefit from improving their project leadership skills.

Some key takeaways from the webinar are that:

  • Adaptive leaders must recognize how their project landscape is changing and be open to new approaches
  • Businesses are asking the question, “What can we do next for our customers?” to create value, and this involves new and never-before-seen projects
  • From a project management perspective, project constraint focus is shifting from Quality (scope, cost, time), to also include Quality, Engagement (purpose, passion, dedication), and Benefits (value, impact, risks)

new triple constraints

Watch the recorded webinar to hear the full conversation between Nieto-Rodriguez and Canning, and find out how your team and organization can prepare for the project revolution.

To learn more about the partnership between Strategy Execution and Duke CE and how we help leaders leverage adaptive thinking to execute projects and drive results, visit www.strategyex.com/asep.

StrategyEx Webinar

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