Webinar Recap: Conquering the Challenge of Adopting Lean and Agile Into Your Business

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StrategyEx Webinar Recap

Blending these adaptive methods of operation can lead to transformative results

Regardless of industry or profession, today’s volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment challenges businesses every day. So how do organizations become more innovative and adaptive within this space?

During our recent #StratExLive webinar, Michael Jebber, Strategy Execution’s Product Director, Lean and Agile, discussed how the adoption of Lean and Agile can help companies – beyond IT and manufacturing – navigate today’s business and project complexity while allowing them to be adaptable and realize greater business value.

Jebber begins by explaining some of the challenges of adopting lean and agile into your organization. For example, while there is one origin for Agile (The Agile Manifesto), there is no single governing body for it. Hence, the value of Agile is contextual in nature. Because there is no one way to do it or a prescribed application for everyone, organizations must conduct some self-evaluation to understand their own challenges, current culture, and what they are trying to accomplish before attempting to adopt it.

In discussing the two methods of operation, Lean can be roughly defined as a method to address the work within an organization, and how to improve the flow of work through the system. On the other hand, Agile addresses the people by improving the flow of communication and collaboration. To bring these concepts together, Jebber uses a unique metaphor and describes Lean and Agile as the heads and tails of one holistic coin. Today’s demand for adaptive needs can be best met by combining these two philosophies.

The webinar also calls out the importance of establishing a culture that allows for Lean and Agile to grow and flourish. Commitment from leadership and their participation in the journey is critical to successful adoption. Talent acquisition is directly tied into this cultural aspect. If organizations don’t have the ability to adapt into new areas, and without adaptive methods of operation, it will be difficult for them to keep up with changes in supply and demand for talent. As a result, businesses with adaptive cultures will be more effective at attracting and retaining the top talent.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about challenges of adopting Lean and Agile into your organization, and how to overcome them to achieve sustained success.

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