Don’t Take Our Word For It: A Testimonial from a Learning and Development Professional

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Making Sense of Complexity On Campus at Duke

The following testimonial was written by Jared Hagen and originally posted on LinkedIn:

Last December, I attended an inspiring course titled “Making Sense of Complexity.” A complex situation is defined as an environment that is unpredictable with unknowable outcomes and issues.

Our environment is changing. More and more companies are being disrupted. They are trying to solve tomorrow’s problems with yesterday’s mentality. Today, the front line employee may be the one who knows the answers to a solution but they are not being leveraged effectively. This course helps any leader understand the approach they should take when the environment is uncertain. I walked away with tools to make sense of complexity.

Here are a few points I learned from the course:

  1. Leaders must overcome their bias when trying to make sense of the situation
  2. Leaders must actively seek out data that may contradict their initial decision or thought
  3. Experiment to identify any successful patterns that may emerge
  4. Leadership must be shared with those that may understand the patterns
  5. Avoid group think
  6. Whatever you do, try not to influence too much control which may prevent exploration
  7. Re-frame the scenario by asking the “what if’s” and “what if I knew?”

This information only scratches the surface. The course was held On Campus, led by Dr. Tony O’Driscoll of Duke Corporate Education and Vice President, Product Management for TwentyEighty Strategy Execution Jonathan Gilbert, and delivered by the Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP), a collaboration between Strategy Execution and Duke Corporate Education.

Thanks Tony and Jonathan for an engaging few days.

Jared Hagen is a Certified Training and Development Professional with knowledge and experience in engaging employees, coaching and strategic planning. He completed a research project on Performance Management of the Millennial Generation. Jared Hagen posts regular articles on Linkedin

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