Part II: 6 Essential Ingredients for High-Performance Project Teams

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In Part I of this blog post, we explained the importance of having the right people to execute your strategy. Below we detail the first three key factors – or ingredients – to take into account when building high-performance project teams.


Establishing trust among your network lays the foundation for great performance. This especially holds true in today’s increasingly distributed and geographically dispersed work environments. Your trust in your team, theirs in you and the trust between team members are the core ingredients holding everything together. Leaders who have rules and policies for everything create an environment of bureaucracy and stifle team performance. Develop trust by setting guidelines for team behavior and decision making, in which team members have certain freedoms to make decisions, take risks, and speak their minds. They will also have certain obligations to always speak the truth, work with other teams, be accountable for decisions and actions, and learn from their mistakes. An environment built on trust promotes a culture where team members will give their best, produce more and with improved quality.


High-performance teams need a winning, inspirational vision that will motivate them to go above and beyond when the effort is required. Leaders need to work directly with the team to develop and support a vision that brings real meaning to the work that is being performed. Teams should have input and be open to providing feedback to the vision if it does not align with the assigned work. The vision defines the future state and is clear, defined, and concrete. Great vision statements might read “Triple the productivity of every manufacturing plant” or “Increase customer satisfaction to 100%.”


High-performance team members have dreams for achievement, which are fueled by the leader’s optimism. Team members will flourish when they have hope and give up when they don’t. A great leader must be both realistic and optimistic at the same time—not an easy feat. An optimistic environment dictates that no matter the facts of the situation, the team will continue to work toward their goals. Effective team members thrive on accomplishment and the recognition they receive when working through difficult problems and persevering. This perseverance requires optimism from the top.

Part III of this blog post will explore three more essential ingredients for high-performance project teams.

This content was originally published by PM Perspectives, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s UK blog. 


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