Part I: 6 Essential Ingredients for High-Performance Project Teams

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In recent times, organizational structure has evolved from traditional hierarchies into flatter and more cross-functional teams. As a result, a new class of talent has emerged that requires a new approach to people management. Effective teams represent one of the most powerful mechanisms for achieving significant results in organizations today. Thus, developing high-performance teams has become a vital part of any business, as they have the ability to adapt to our rapidly changing business environment and also contribute more effectively to organizational goals.

A company may have a good strategy, but without the right people to execute, it will be difficult to realize the intended value or result. Having high-performance teams produces the following benefits:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Improved customer service
  3. Ability to do more with less
  4. Increased innovation
  5. Ability to quickly adapt to change
  6. Ability to solve difficult, critical problems

Project Team Essentials – The Ingredients

So how do you build a high-performing team? Like a star chef making a signature dish, using the right recipe delivers the best possible outcome. A recipe includes not just ingredients, but also preparation and the cooking process itself. If you forget an ingredient, add too much, eliminate preparation steps or change the process, you will not end up with the results you are expecting. For leaders, this translates into ineffective teams that cannot meet critical business goals.

Does your “chef” – otherwise known as the project manager – have the right recipe to lead your project team to success? Parts II and III of this blog post will explore the six essential ingredients for high-performance project teams.

This content was originally published by PMO Perspectives, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s UK blog.


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