Webinar Recap: Negotiating the Complexity Chasm

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StrategyEx Webinar Recap

The business environment today is more complex than ever before. As a result, the projects that power an organization’s strategy are also increasing in complexity. During our recent #StratExLive webinar, Strategy Execution’s Vice President of Product Management, Jonathan Gilbert, and Global Head of Duke CE Labs, Tony O’Driscoll, discussed how this environmental complexity directly affects the mindset, approach, and tools required of today’s adaptive project leaders.

Gilbert and O’Driscoll provide an explanation of the two most common operating contexts in which projects exist today: complicated and complex. Further, they introduce a practical model – the Perceiving, Sensemaking, and Choreography (PSC) Model – that is critical to navigating the chasm between complicated and complex contexts. The PSC model is a foundational tool that can be applied by adaptive leaders to address never-before-seen problems in a new way.

Since the state of our environment is dynamic and unpredictable, leaders today must not only have mastery over their technical ability, but they must also develop and hone new adaptive skills to navigate the unexpected. The key is for leaders to know when to shift between traditional project management approaches to adaptive, responsive, experimental methods. Successful project leaders today must make sense of their external context, accurately perceive how the environment affects the current project, and get comfortable shifting between different skill sets and leadership tactics as the environment dictates.

Watch the recorded webinar to learn more about the adaptive leadership skills necessary to negotiate the complexity chasm, and how making sense of complexity is a requirement in today’s evolving project landscape.

StrategyEx Webinar

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