Webinar Recap: Navigating Ambiguity in a Complex Environment

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StrategyEx Webinar Recap

On April 18, Tim Wasserman, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution’s Chief Learning Officer, presented a webinar on Navigating Ambiguity in a Complex Environment. During the event, he explained the concept of “multiplier” skills, which create tolerance for ambiguity and help project leaders and their teams manage change and navigate unpredictable waters that inevitably arise throughout the life cycle of projects.

Tim begins the presentation by using the Golden Gate Bridge as a metaphor for our business environment. At one end is strategy, and at the other end is the goal to execute. For organizations, our efforts are centered on connecting strategy with execution in order to move – or navigate – across the bridge. But when that iconic summer fog rolls in, it complicates the landscape and creates uncertainty and unpredictability.

Watch the short teaser video below to get the highlights from Tim about the webinar:

So how do project leaders navigate and thrive within an ambiguous environment? To start, they must first understand the internal and external factors that have an impact on the organization, the project, and the individual. By establishing and communicating what is known – and perhaps more importantly, what is unknown – leaders can cultivate a culture that is based on trust and understanding, and that allows everyone to take risks, try new approaches, and if required, rapidly change direction.

In conjunction with the webinar, our new white paper on this topic expands upon the five critical leadership skills that empower leaders to improve project performance. Further, it will help you develop an action plan to apply these key skills to your project-based work.

Watch the recording
to learn more about how to lead, thrive, and achieve progress in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) environment.

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