The Evolution of Project Management: Are You Ready for the Changes?

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Project Management is Changing

Project management is going through a transformation. Once a predominantly IT-focused discipline, it has broadened in scope as people and organizations across a wide range of industries recognize that most of their work gets accomplished through projects.

As today’s business environment evolves to cut across geographic borders and organizational hierarchies, the need for project leadership has become an essential part of achieving strategic objectives. This shifting workplace landscape has influenced the role of the project manager while also blurring the boundaries of traditional project management.

Among the key changes to project management that demand our attention are:

  • An increased emphasis on strategic thinking
  • Open communication with all stakeholders
  • The emergence and growth of change management
  • Earning a seat at the executive table
  • Redefining success metrics

As projects continue to permeate different parts of the business and are increasingly aligned with strategic goals, those who do the work need to adapt and develop the skills to not only execute projects, but to provide leadership and a strategic lens to project-based work.

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