Recalibrating the Perception of Project Management

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The demands facing companies today are vast and dynamic. From overseeing global supply chains to mitigating talent shortages, mergers and acquisitions, and even managing technology changes (mobile, cloud, etc.), a lot goes into supporting a company. In an increasingly complex business environment, achieving successful results demands that projects be aligned to strategic goals, then delivered efficiently, effectively, and predictably. Consequently, project management (PM) is fast becoming a strategic focal point for operational excellence in many organizations.

As executives and business-unit leaders recognize the value of PM roles, there are changing perceptions, challenges, and opportunities that come with the discipline.

The traditional viewpoint of PM as a tactical discipline used by a select set of individuals, usually in one or two functional areas, limits its potential impact on organizations. The shift from purely tactical project management to strategic project leadership is opening doors for PM professionals across the whole enterprise (think marketing and HR functions) to increase their reach and impact while fine-tuning their relational skill sets. With the development of these broader skill sets, project managers are earning more responsibility, accountability, and also increased visibility within the organizational hierarchy, no matter where they sit in that organization.

Capitalizing on the shift to strategic project leadership requires a change in mindset and traditional processes. As project leaders increasingly deliver on strategic goals and business outcomes, a working set of project management skills are needed throughout the whole organization. Meanwhile, as organizations expand the project management skills through the whole organization, all stakeholders involved will begin to recognize the changing role and increased strategic input of project managers as a competitive advantage.

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