Webinar Recap: The Business Analyst Catalyst

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strategy ex webinar recap

On December 8th, TwentyEighty Strategy Execution and Modern Analyst partnered to present a webinar on the evolving role of the business analyst (BA). In this webinar, Michael S. Zambruski, senior instructor with Strategy Execution, uses the context of the Enterprise Triple Constraint (Zambruski, 2015), which is the integration of strategy, analysis, and implementation to explore how the BA discipline has changed.

Zambruski emphasizes that the role of the BA incorporates more than just requirements gathering and administrative tasks. It now contributes into high-level decision-making, and in doing so, the discipline has made significant progress in earning the same level of professionalism as strategic planning and project management.

Copyright 2015 Michael S. Zambruski

Copyright 2015 Michael S. Zambruski

In doing so, Zambruski explores how BAs are being recognized as key ingredients for optimizing success and minimizing risk. As Zambruski states, without the precision and discipline of what the business analyst can do, a project manager is left with gaps. Gaps create uncertainty. And uncertainty is merely a synonym for risk.

Missed the webinar? Watch the recording to learn how the business analyst acts as a catalyst to transform strategic planning into actionable scope to achieve operational improvement in a way that never existed before.

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