Business Analysis Is Everywhere

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If you ask someone to explain what business analysis is, they may not know how to answer, or will assume that it’s a very specialized and technical role that doesn’t really affect the rest of the company. Some of your top leadership may not even realize how much value this discipline is actually bringing to the organization.

The reality is, the fundamentals of business analysis are applied in almost every aspect of a business decision. It’s paramount to the successful execution of projects, which are the means by which work gets done and teams deliver on an organization’s strategy and objectives.

Business analysis is applied in:

  • Articulating and prioritizing business needs
  • Identifying and assessing solution options
  • Making recommendations
  • Defining solutions
  • Managing the requirements of projects
  • Supporting a solution once it is in place
  • Ensuring business objectives are met
  • Continuously improving solutions

As an emerging trend, the techniques and tools of business analysis will be applied more across organizations and permeate other disciplines. Today’s business climate requires project-based work be executed with more coordination and agility than ever before. The business analyst’s skilled interaction with stakeholders throughout the organization facilitates the critical need to bridge the gap between strategy and execution.

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